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Data Analytics APIs

  • Deep semantic NLP analytics of unstructured text in wide range of languages.
  • Extraction of knowledge graphs and networks of entity relations from text, images, and data.
  • Custom AI and NLP models, software components, and services for domains such as Legal, FinTech, Medical, Business, Forensic, and Cybersecurity.

Technology Solutions

  • Cloud-services for full integration of AI, NLP, and Data analytics adapted and tuned to customer needs.
  • On-premise systems for maximal security and privacy of content, data, analytic results, and models.
  • High-performance scalable technologies for Very Big Data analytics.
  • Modular architectures for rapid adaptation to new domains or data sets.
  • Full integration into common business and technology infrastructures.

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Trial Access

  • Contact us for trial access to our SaaS AI and NLP solutions.

Online Demos

  • Graph Extractor API (coming soon)