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Semiring Inc. is a member of the Crane Regional Defense Group (CRDG)

Semiring Inc. is a proud member of the Crane Regional Defense Group (CRDG) (see LinkedIn page). See you at the Connect to Mission (C2M) Global event on the 4th of June 2004, at the Westgate Academy! Your Semiring Team!

Semiring Inc. is a member of The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce

Semiring Inc. is a proud member of The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce in Bloomington, Indiana. See you all at some of the events! Your Semiring Team!

Semiring Inc. participated in the VA AI Tech Sprint in 2024 and was a finalist!

Semiring Inc. was finalist in the VA AI Tech Sprint 2024! During April and May of 2024 the Semiring team participated in the VA AI Tech Sprint and passed all three gates as a finalist! The challenge included 3 gates with growing complexity for NLP and AI processing medical faxes or reports in TIFF or PDF format. The tasks included to receive a batch of documents not seen before and extract the contained information, mapping it to databases and other information sources, generating a summary paragraph, and linking the terminology to approved Knowledge Graphs and terminological databases.

Breaking Down Healthcare Data Silos: Empowering Medical Professionals with Semiring Inc.

Ten years ago, the U.S. government took a significant step forward, pushing for the widespread adoption of electronic health records to enhance patient care and streamline healthcare operations. This transition digitized a wealth of invaluable information that could potentially revolutionize patient treatment. But there’s a catch. 🚑💻 The treasure trove of data within these electronic health records often lies dormant due to the complexity of the medical jargon and abbreviations used in doctors’ notes.

Selected to participate in the AI and Networks Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (AINet ANTX) AI Prize Challenge!

We are extremely proud and thrilled to report that our team has been selected to participate in the AI and Networks Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (AINet ANTX) AI Prize Challenge! The Government selected our team’s proposal ISeaGR System based on the evaluation criteria outlined in the solicitation on Here is a brief overview from the Navy press release: “Project Overmatch is a high priority Department of the Navy initiative to deliver a more lethal, better-connected fleet of the future by connecting manned and unmanned platforms, weapons and sensors together in a robust Naval Operational Architecture that integrates with Joint All-Domain Command and Control for enhanced Distributed Maritime Operations.

The Semiring Team at the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) Defense Innovation Accelerator (DIA) 2021 by FedTech

Semiring Team members participated at the NSIN DIA 2021 Accelerator by FedTech working on a commercialization plan for IP from NSWC Crane labs. The product has been called DanD-E-Lion From the NSIN post: “Meet DanD-E-Lion, a 2021 NSIN Defense Innovation Accelerator (DIA) team made up of entrepreneurs and scientists located in Bloomington, Indiana and Columbus, Ohio. The team members have deep experience in AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Data Science, large systems software engineering, high-performance/high-accuracy cloud, on-premises, and edge computing.

Midwest AI Day 2021 at the Westgate Academy

Purdue@Westgate and Semiring are organizing the Midwest AI Day 2021 in Indiana Location: WestGate Academy, Odon, Indiana Date: August 3rd 2021 Times: 9 AM to 6 PM, full day in person event with virtual components The registration is for free. There will be free snacks, lunches, and drinks provided by the sponsors of the event. This event will cover panels with representatives from Academia, Industry, Defense, and various for- and not-for-profit organizations.

Semiring won the 2nd Annual Crane IP Defense Innovation Pitch Competition

It was an honor to pitch at the 2nd Annual Crane IP Defense Innovation Pitch Competition! What a great experience! We are grateful to the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, Radius Indiana, Elevate Ventures, IN3 (Indiana Innovation Institute), Indiana Small Business Development Center (Indiana SBDC), The Mill, and all judges, the NSIN - National Security Innovation Network DIA 2021 Accelerator for their support and for awarding us the 1st place in this competition.

Semiring's Rust Code-base

We made a decision early on to focus on Rust as our core programming language for Microservices and RESTful API services. We continue to fully support Go, and our libraries and services are accessible from Python, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, and other programming languages and environments. But Rust is definitely ideal for our core Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies and libraries. Why are we developing our core tech in Rust?

Semiring admitted to the Crossroads Pitch Competition at The Mill in October 2020

Crossroads is Indiana’s biggest and only statewide pitch competition. The Mill is hosting the competition this year. See for more details the blog page. Semiring provides Natural Language Processing and AI technologies, content to Knowledge Graph mapping, and deep semantic analytics. Mapping structured and unstructured data to high-quality Knowledge Graphs is our speciality, and reasoning based on these knowledge representations. Our technologies create valuable business advantages in the Health sector, in business decision processes, or in Public Safety and National Security.